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Hey guys~ There's a couple of things I wanted to run by you before I sent out the call for people to begin submitting their auditions. I'd like feedback from all of you on this so we can get a general consensus. 

Stage 1: Auditions

1) Audition material
How long do you guys think the audition clips should be? And how should we do it? Ecat sent me some suggestions for the big three, which include different kinds of speech from each of them, which is probably a good idea. I'm posting her suggestions separately so this thing doesn't take up 12 pages, and you can see those here. 

I'm thinking we should have people read the entire thing, narration and all, even though they won't be reading the narration in the final product, just because otherwise it will sound weird. Or we'd have to edit in a narrator and, no, that's too much work for just the auditions. We'll save our strength for the actual project, I think. 

ETA: I can see how for some people it might be difficult to go from narrator voice to character voice. Do you guys mind doing that much editing just for the audition clips, then?

2) Equipment/programs
Audacity and Garage Band, I'm thinking. Any objections? Librivox has lots of great tips.

3) Format of audition clips
MP3? Do they say their usernames at the beginning or leave that out since we'll be cutting it out of the polling part anyway?

I was thinking I'd just make a folder on GDrive that's public where people can drop their files, and check it frequently to move files out as they are dropped in (so they're not just sitting there for other people to check out the competition lol) because emails have limits, and I'd like to limit the amount of upload/download corruption that we'd likely get with them uploading to a file sharing program like mediafire, then us downloading it, then sharing it with each other. etc. 

They could name the file part auditioned for-username-email/DW/LJ.mp3 like so:

so we'll know how to contact them without having to reference the crew sheet or track down emails and such. What do you think?

ETA: Lauren's suggestion is good, starting a new spreadsheet that people can check on their own. Though I do want a standard for naming their file, like Character-Reader'sName.mp3, just so the files aren't a huge jumble. 

4) Minimum sound quality standards 
Should we have people send in a sound check first, then do the audition? Let the audition clip stand as the sound check? Or just do a proper sound check once we have the cast selected (<- I think that sounds best). Also, we can have the narrators start sending in their sound checks while we wait for the auditions and voting. 

ETA: Sound checks first it is, then. Sam's going to announce in tomorrow's RFM that we will be accepting them soon. Librivox's
1 Minute Test look okay to everyone?
5) Posting the audio clips so they can be voted on
JJ, gonna need your expertise here. 
6) Timing
How much time do you figure we should give for auditions to be sent in?

ETA: JJ suggests shorter audition times, Lauren suggests 2-5 min. If we do a good variety of material for them to audition with, then it will undoubtedly run longer, however I don't think we're going to be sifting through a huge amount of auditions. We've got 30 people signed up already, and taking attrition into account, I think up to 5 minutes will be manageable.

How much time for voting? Should we stagger the auditions (just do the Americans + Ellis for now, then audition Purva and the Aussies when we get to them) or do it all in one go? Also, we could just have an earlier deadline for the Americans + Ellis and leave more time for auditioning for the later roles. 

ETA: So if we can get this ironed out, let's start accepting submissions for sound checks from the 17th. 
Sound check deadline: New Years
Audition entry deadline: Jan 15-ish
Voting: February 1-ish 

How's that sound?

7) Which characters to audition? 
I said before that we're just going to audition the bigger roles - but which ones exactly? You can see the incomplete character list here.  I'm going to go through the chapters that aren't listed and make sure we have everyone listed. Which roles do you think need to be audition, apart from the ones I've already mentioned? 

Annie Masters
Helena Christian

And then once we get to the Aussies, I imagine we'll have somewhat less auditioning to do simply because we won't have as many contenders. But who knows, we might~

Stage 2: The Actual Podfic

How do we put this thing together?
I imagine we'll just have everyone read their bits and send them in. (How much fun would it be to do a big Skype call and bounce off each other though~~~ :D Maybe in the parts where it's just Ellis, Jack, and Clare they can do that. :3 Unlikely, but a girl can dream.) 

As I said before, I think the GDrive option is probably best. Let me know if anyone has a better idea. 

We'll be doing it chapter by chapter, releasing it like a podcast, and then putting the final product together at the end. I doubt we'll be able to get it all into one file, but at least it won't be 23 different files. The shorter chapters are about 5,000 words, iirc, so that's not too bad for one person. But, for the sake of getting it out faster, should we divvy up the chapters into parts for each of us, then compile all of them into one file? Do you think we'd save very much time this way? Or perhaps have teams, like 1 person editing the raw file and separating the dialogue out with enough dead space before and after, and then another person to actually put them together? 

I'm sure we'll be adjusting this process as the project goes on and we learn better ways to do things. 

Okay, that's all I've got for now. I'm sure I've probably forgotten something. Let me know


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